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Music Video
Garry Pottenger - Roger Smith

Music Videos Featuring

Garry Pottenger - Percussion & Roger Smith - Keyboards


Note: Click on title in list below to jump to page with music video. The objective of this test is for the video to play directly on the web page.  When you open the page, the video will start playing on its own after it loads.  Video window size on the open web page should be @ 3" x 5".

Loading will take anywhere from 2 minutes (DSL speeds and higher) to several minutes  on landline pots.  If the video does not play after several minutes, please check the following:

Internet Explorer Options: Open Internet Explorer.  Click on Tools then "Internet Options".  Click on "Advanced" tab.  Scroll down to 'Multi Media'.  Under multi media, make sure that 'play videos in web pages' is checked (activated).  Also check for 'sounds', 'animations' etc.  Then click APPLY.

If this doesn't work and you still want to see the videos, click on the download link.  If the video opens in sidebar Windows Media Player, you can click on small button to lower right of video that says 'unlock'.  This will allow you to view video at larger size and advance it to full screen (not really recommended)


Music From Pine Box Theatre

"Good Time Review" Act ONE

Three part medley - too large to download together.

"Lulu's Back In Town"

(first in three part medley)

"All of Me"

(2nd in three part medley)


"Paper Doll"

3rd in three part medley


Gospel Music Medley

"John The Revelator"

"Circle Unbroken"

"Every Time I Feel The Spirit"

"How Can I Keep From Singing"

"How Great Thou Art"

"I'll Fly Away"

Good Time Review - Act Two

"Old Time Rock & Roll"

"All Shook Up"

"True Love"

"All I Ask of You"


"Night Train"

Rocky Top Sample A

"Patriotic Finale"

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