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This web site has served many purposes over the years.  In the early years, it served as a great resource for 'comput-ors'. Loosely translated to mean people trying to use computers.  Free help abounded and many fledgling companies benefited from new business referrals. 

WeBeBeeks helped what turned out to be a baby boomer PLUS demographic.  My youngest student in 1999 was 52.  The oldest newbie ever helped was 92 (and he is still computing). 

Seven years later, my oldest granddaughter knows more about computing than my fondest hopes and dreams.  Still though, computer and software help and advise is still available for absolutely free!

Thanks to all for your patience as we grow and add new features.  A big new change for us will be affiliate and pay per click advertising.  We needed to find a way to continue offering free help and other services and also pay the bills.

Renovations on WeBeGeeks began on March 1, 2007.  Please bookmark our site in your favorites and visit often for new fun things.

FREE - That's right - absolutely free advise about your computer, network, communication, and digital services.  Ask Question

FREE - That's right - absolutely free information about the enigmatic topic 'earn money on the internet'.  Follow our research and see if our results match your needs.  We are looking at it all... NO stones kicked aside.   Our objective is to find legitimate income potentials and show how it is done.  See our work and watch our progress at FREE!!








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